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BusPlus - Seamlessly on-board mobile payment
(2021 - ...)

Comprehensive system for passenger transport companies consisting of native mobile applications and Web platform developed to enable payment by transport card or with NFC compatible and non-NFC compatible mobiles.
It has four components: app for end users on Android, app for end users on iOS, app for drivers and points of sale on Android and Web platform for transport companies.
The end users are the passengers, and they can pay without a card, top up their balance, pay with a non-personal card or with a personal card and register their trips to know how much CO2 they save with their trips on public transport.
Drivers receive mobile and card payments on board, and point-of-sale employees update card balances for users who want to top them up with cash.
Regarding management, the transport company's administrative employees control the information displayed to users, review the documentation they send to prove they are in possession of a single-person card, export statistics, and can perform operations at the individual card level.

This project is part of the Bachelor Thesis of Computer Science at the University of Salamanca and was evaluated with the highest mark (10/10, A+), and awarded as the best project of the Faculty and third of the University by the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca in the framework of the Market-Driven Prototypes Program 2020-2021, for which a Business and Marketing Plan and an exhibition were carried out, and advice and training in entrepreneurship was received.

Technologies and techniques used: NFC, Bluetooth, OTP, Swift, Java, PHP, MySQL, JSON, Firebase, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, business plan, elevator pitch, copywriting, digital networking & marketing.

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Featured on Tribuna Universitaria on 06/21/2021 (only in Spanish): Read article